Picking Up On Where I Left Off


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Yup, I did it again; disappeared without a trace. Forgive me!

Today (the day that I finally have the desire to write) is the 15th day of Ramadhan which simply means, this year’s Aidilfitri is just around the corner. Well, what on earth happened in the past 10 months of my disappearance?

Here’s the chronicles :

Four months after my last post, I got married. So in between that time, I guess I was too busy and got stressed out being a bridezilla. (Lame excuse, huh?)

And then, another six months later, I was in a life’s transition period, readjusting myself to a new position, from a full time employee to a full time housewife, living at a new state. Yes, you read me. I quit my job in end February and moved to Johor Bahru since then. (Oh, I miss KL so damn much!). By right, I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want; writing, reading, baking, shopping, you name it but somehow, I found myself doing nothing at home except the basic house chores! Sounds bad, I know.

So, that was it.

Big question now : What’s next?

I do have plans for my cakes & pastries business which sadly until now has to be put on hold due to some reasons. I had no choice but to turn down all inquiries I still received from my customers in KL. Sad! So for the time being, I’ll just focus on nothing else but my family :)

Anyway, like I always say, we are exactly where we are meant to be and I’m always, always so grateful with everything. Syukur Alhamdulillah!

Before I end my post, I have a great news to share with all of you. I’m 26 weeks pregnant today which means I’ll be due this coming September! What’s more exciting than waiting for my little one to come out, right? :) Please spare me a prayer for my smooth delivery. In Sha Allah. 

And last but not least,  to my Muslim readers, I wish you all a blessed Ramadhan! 

Till then, good night!


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