Ramadhan, A Month Of Opportunity


Good day!

Hope all is well with you guys. As for me, things are going perfectly fine. Alhamdulillah :) It’s a little bit too cold here. Suddenly the air conditioner in this office is functioning very well today :))

Looking through the window, the weather looks clear. Hope it’s not gonna rain or else, there’s gonna be massive traffic later on. Seems that the weather pattern this time around is quite unpredictable. From what I remember, during the 4th quarter of last year into the beginning of this year, we had an extremely hot weather, that somewhat deviated from the common pattern of heavy downpour and flood especially in the east coast region. Rainy season I think only began around mid April to May, at least in KL area. Since we are now in the fasting month, this kind of weather in a way makes it bearable and less tiring, what more if you work in the office building where you barely feel the heat. (Unless if you keep looking at the clock and counting the hour, that is a mental torture!)

Anyway, weather is not the issue for us Muslims. The real challenge is to conquer our desires and to remain steadfast when our iman (which always goes up and down) is being tested in so many ways. The idea of fasting itself is not to starve ourselves for no reason. In fact, fasting teaches us (among many other good things) to be perseverance, grateful and to become a good Muslim. We refrain ourselves from not just only eating and drinking, but from other things that could hinder us from getting more reward and barakah from Allah swt during this Holy month. At the end of the day, if we really practice fasting like a true believer, we should be able to attain something (if not much). Otherwise, what you only get is none other than hunger and thirst.

Unfortunately, how easy for us to go astray once Ramadhan ends. I think this is the part where people (including me) tend to forget – that we don’t pray hard, recite the Quran, do charity and all other good deeds only in Ramadhan. In fact, the good habits we picked during Ramadhan should be practiced at all times. As I’m writing this, the reminder goes to myself as well, a constant sinner. Realize it or not, He had given us this Ramadhan opportunity to seek for forgiveness and level up our iman. I pray that we will always be guided by Allah swt to the right path, may He accepts our prayers and good deeds and protects us from the Hellfire. In Sha Allah.

Salam Jumaat & Selamat Berbuka Puasa!


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