Forever Yours..

This is the day I’ve been waiting for the longest time, the day I got engaged to the love of my life, a very special man soon I can call my husband. (It still feels surreal mentioning this word!)


Indeed, Allah’s plan is always the best even we can’t always seem to understand the real deal behind everything, most of the time. And for that, I remind myself time and again, to always put my trust in Him, The All-Knowing and everything shall turns out the way it’s meant to be.

“Know you not that Allah knows all that is in the heaven and on the earth? Verily, it is (all) in the Book (Al‑Lawh Al‑Mahfooz). Verily, that is easy for Allah” (Qur’an, al-Hajj 22:70)

To my dearest, one and only Saufi, though you may not read this, I thank you for everything, most of all, for loving me. We found each other just at the right time and in the most beautiful way after 17 years. You know, sometimes I still see you as the 11-year-old kid I came to know when I moved in to that school 17 years ago.

Syg, I love you with every beat of my heart and I pray that we both will create our beautiful new journey together with endless love and patience and with the blessings of Allah swt. May He grants us with eternal happiness in this life and the hereafter. Amin.

To all families & friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the warm wishes and simply for being there. May Allah repays your kindness and love with His blessing. Amin.

30 April 2016.


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