Little Farewell

One for the memory.

Today we say goodbye to a person who had contributed a lot and had dedicated half of her lifetime to our company, Pn. Azimah.

Me and Kak Azimah used to have conversations in the pantry while enjoying the food she brought (Omg, her Kelantanese cooking is the best!) and this was one of many advises she had shared, of which I’m deeply touched and In Sha Allah, shall never forget:-

“Sambil kita memohon dan berkehendakkan sesuatu dari Allah, selalu lah kita bersedekah dengan seikhlas hati. In sha Allah, Allah akan balas dengan ganjaran yang berganda dan juga memakbulkan hajat kita, In Sha Allah”.

Kak Azimah, thank you for the knowledge and memories you’ve shared with me and the rest of FGVT’s family. May Allah bless you. 

P/s: I already miss your nasi dagang! 


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