The Best Is Yet To Come

24 days since the start of the new year. How is it going for everybody? :)

Talking about hopes and wishes, I never seriously thought about getting married, not until I realized it when I was 28. The reason behind it is simple, when the focus and attention was more on getting a stable job (and contemplating if that’s what I should do), earning money only to spend it in ways I can’t even remember and doing whatever I wanted to, which is basically nothing!

That’s common, I guess. And before I can think about marrying, I need to find someone first, which eventually took me years to find. I just don’t know why, but it seems to me that finding the right guy is not that simple. I don’t easily say yes to any guy. Choosy or whatever they call it, I was just too reserved. Finally, after few failed relationships, I met a guy on my 29th birthday and has been in relationship with him ever since.

This year I’ll be turning 31 (though quite a lot of people think I’m 25! No kidding) and apparently, my only hope this year is to get married. I have to admit that being single at this age is kinda worrying especially when thinking that my parents too, are getting old and knowing that their final wish is nothing but to see me with somebody good and that I have no sibling if anything happen.

Many times I wish my sister was still here. Things certainly would’ve been different. Rather than being sad and worry about my fate, my parents might have their chance to play with their grandchildren, they might be so much happier and I don’t have to feel lonely and scared like I do right now.

For whatever reason, it’s just not my time yet. Surely Allah swt knows best. Everything will be just fine at the perfect time. I’ll find comfort in that, In sha Allah.

And I do hope for the best of everyone too. May you find courage to face trials and difficulties in life. Have faith that things will work out for the best :)


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