Journey of A Cat Named Dude


This is my friend’s cat, Dude. He just died after a week of being diagnosed with FIP. Dude was only few months old.

Dude was such a strong cat, with a strong will to live, perhaps because he had found his loving home with my friend. We know he fought hard for his life but frequent seizures eventually put him to unconscious state. That’s when my friend decided to put him to sleep but he died on the way to the vet this evening.

Though it was only for a month, Dude must’ve had the best time of his life since the day he was adopted from SPCA until his final day today. Fate brought my friend and Dude together, to share love. My friend made the right choice to adopt him.

Goodbye Dude. You’ll be missed and I’ll always have a fond memory of you.

Glad that I visited you the other day :)

Much love.


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