Bring Me Away

At the time of writing, I’m giving my best effort to keep my composure. The longing makes my heart feels heavy. So heavy like it’s going to burst. I’ve been keeping everything inside, perhaps a little too long, that I’m not even sure if I’m hoping, waiting or wishing for the right thing. Am I clinging onto another false attachment? Will another dream of mine going to shatter?

I’m tough, I know. Otherwise, I certainly wouldn’t be here now. It’s not like I have any other choice after all. I have to fight and stay strong so as to not let myself destructed by my own poisonous thoughts and feelings, to get back on my feet after each fall and disappointment.

Even so, I can’t live in denial. Let’s just face it, that in truth, I long for that missing hand. A hand for me to hold. If only you knew how scared I am, of what the future may hold, and of all the things I never told.

This morning, I broke down. Yes, eventually I cried. ‘Cause today my heart just can’t contain it all. Sometimes you just have to cry and let it out.

Bawalah Daku Pergi
by Anita Sawarak

Bawalah daku pergi
Dari gelisah ini
Bawalah daku pergi
Dari sepi hati ini

Bawalah daku pergi
Setulus hati yang suci
Bawalah daku pergi
Biar mati pun ku jalani

Bring me away from this restless heart
Take me away from this loneliness

Take me with all your sincerity
Take me away
Even when you die


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