A Sentimental Value


Here comes Monday.

Thank God I don’t have to fight with Monday blues because I feel just fine, though waking up on Monday is still…. hard like always.

So, what’s with the picture? Apart from thinking that it’s cute, I’m having this lovey- dovey-kinda-feeling now, like a 16 year old girl who’s being madly deeply in love with her high school crush. Yeah, basically it’s the very thought of him that’s causing all these butterflies in this empty stomach. Haven’t seen him for a while now and God knows how much I miss this person :)

Anyway, yesterday with a sad heart, I’ve made the decision to finally dispose my beloved 18 year old toy as my mom had been nagging about it because it seems to her that it’s not appropriate for someone at my age to keep that kind of stuff.. (Oh, please mom. The last thing I’d want you to say is to remind me of how old I am). *sigh*

As it turns out, few hours after I went to work this morning, my mom texted me saying that she didn’t have the heart to dump the poor thing because she knew how much it means to me. There you are! I knew it. I just knew it! Thank you mom! Wait till I come home and I shall cook you a special dinner tonight. LOL.


1996 – forever :D


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