Dreams and Reality

In continuation to my previous post.

I never dream to be a writer. I write not because I’m compelled to but because I love literature so much that I started writing essays and poems since I was in primary school. As the passion grows, I find writing as the best way to convey one’s feelings and thoughts.

Anyway, when I was small, I had several different ambitions and it’s funny that of all the jobs in this entire world, being a doctor is like a must for most kids and I’m no exception! Yes, at first I thought I wanted to be a doctor. I remember when the teacher asked about our ambitions, I think almost 90% of the class gave the same answer. (I guess the doctors must’ve a real good impression to the kids, huh?)

As I entered secondary school, I had a change of feelings of what my dream job would be like. I started questioning whether I really wanted to be a doctor. If so, why? That was when I realized I wasn’t really interested to pursue my study in medical. I enjoyed being in science class but I discovered that I was more interested in being a lawyer! 

This wasn’t so surprising as I had always been actively participating in public speaking, debate and poetry reciting since primary school and I was so used to speaking in front of the students at the school assembly, being emcee and president of the club.. you know that kinda stuff. It’s just something that I love doing, having that leadership role and being able to express myself through these mediums. In short, I used to be outspoken and brave.

But that was it. I was then being offered to study Engineering suited to my O level science qualification. (Obviously, medicine was out of the picture since I got a really bad result for my Biology. Lol). I was in dilemma at that time, to choose between Engineering and Law study. But then, it wasn’t really a tough decision to make since my appeal to do Law in the university was rejected due to my qualification and I just didn’t fight for it. And after four long years, I got my Aerospace Engineering Bachelor’s degree but now working in a completely different area. Yeah, that’s how it goes. From doctor, to lawyer to engineer and finally working in commodity trading!

You see the point here? You may not end up where you wanted to be because reality can be far different from dreams but that should not stop you from doing things you’re passionate about :)

Well, that’s a little bit of my story. Wishing you a great weekend everybody!

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

Mother Teresa




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