Inspiration vs. Imitation

Just a wild thought.

I wonder how does it feel to live a double life, pretending to be the person you’re not. How can someone keep up with a life like that? It must be so tiring, don’t you think?

I’ve met with many different people, each with their own distinctive personalities. Interestingly, this behaviour of copying, imitating or whatever you call it, is somewhat unique in a way that it can be both annoying and funny at the same time.

Come to think of it, my life isn’t always that interesting but I’m happy to live and do things my way and most importantly I’m happy being me. I don’t live to impress nor do I want to compete with anybody. If I can be an inspiration to someone, of course it’s great. At least, I know I have that “magical” influence to people. (Lol).

But definitely inspiration and imitation are two different things my dear. When someone obviously copying me and my ideas, I was shocked but most of all, I feel sorry for that person. Either she’s doing it out of jealousy or trying to portray and look good in the eyes of others, I wish it would stop. I really do. If you’re inspired to the extent that you started to imitate that person and copy whatever she or he does, I don’t think it’s right. I mean, you’re not doing justice to yourself and to your own life. How can you ever be happy with that? I really hope these people won’t end up living in lies for the rest of their lives.

Think it all came down to one important value in oneself.


How honest people are with themselves in the first place, before they can be honest and true to their own lives, to everyone else and in everything they do.

P/s: An original is always worth more than a copy :)



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