Solo Travel: Yes or No?

This is interesting. During my first solo trip, I wasn’t so concern about other things except for my own safety. Being in a completely unfamiliar places, you can’t simply assume that it’s safe anywhere you go and the fact that you’re all on your own, safety becomes the number one thing that you must really take into consideration. Things happens but it can be avoided if you’re being careful enough.

When I was in London, I remember walking back to the apartment every midnight. It was so quiet. No car on the street and I think I only saw two or three people walking. Truth be told, I didn’t feel so safe walking alone at those hours, worried that there might be someone following me from behind. I’ve always been the brave one but no, not this time.

Since it was my first time travelling alone, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never been to a place very far away from my hometown on my own and I’m sucks at two things: reading map & planning my journey. Yeah. But still, the experience is so priceless and irreplaceable :)

So, the question is, do I enjoy doing solo travel? Yes and no. But maybe I’d prefer to have someone who can read the map for me so it’ll be easier! ;)


Photos from top:

Victoria Station, London
The London Eye
Portobello Market, Liverpool St.
The Royal Crescent, Bath
The view from Pulteney Bridge, Bath
The Buckingham Palace
The Big Ben & Me !

P/s: banyak kali sesat!


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