100 Happy Days Project Day 100: A Day To Remember

Hello, hello!

It’s our 100th day of the 100 Happy Days Project! Yes, we’ve made it to the end and I’m so happy to celebrate this special day with people I love.

To Aisha, I don’t know where the hell did you get this idea but one thing I must tell you, I had a real great time taking part in this project. It has taught me so many things, most importantly to be thankful for all those little things in life and that life indeed, needs to be cherished. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember if I ever shed a tear within those three months because apparently I was busy occupying myself with only the positive things and focusing on what’s needed though undeniably there were days when things weren’t that good. But then, so many things happened beyond my expectation. Now, I’m much a happier person than I ever was. And you know what, I feel much younger too! :))

To Fatem, your son is really really really adorable. You know I never had this kind of feeling before….I mean with babies and now I’m missing him already. Anyway, I wish you too will stay happy with your beautiful little family and of course, I can’t wait to have one of my own. In sha Allah :)

As promised, I made a cake for this celebration. It’s not a perfect one, yeah I know..but it isn’t that bad, right? And I think it’s beautiful!  (Oh, will you just agree with me on this, Aisha?) Nevermind, next time I’ll bake you another!




Oh it’s been a while since we last had our sushi session together. Let’s revenge!



Now that the project is completed, I hope I’ll still be able to stay strong, stay happy and positive towards life and I wish everyone will appreciate everything they have. Our journey may not be the same, so let us not compare to each other, let us not despair but enjoy life as it is, for in the end, it’s our happiness that matters.

Things are what they are and whatever will be, will be..

Much love,


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