100 Happy Days Project Day 94: Food vs. Mood


Does your mood affect your eating habit? Or is it the other way around? Yeah, the answer is, it can go both ways depending on your wellbeing.
As much as I try to avoid eating more than what my body requires, I really don’t like the idea of starving myself to maintain my weight ’cause I know the end result will be more frustrating. But I admit, I’ll be upset with myself if I eat more than I should. So, what do I do? Hit the gym and run! :D
Anyhow, what’s more important is that you choose a proper and balanced diet that suits your lifestyle and body requirement but hey, don’t just sit around! Do some activities that will increase your heart rate! Yeah, c’mon!

My food diary today: A chicken tortilla wrap with BBQ sauce for lunch.
Current mood: Happy as I could ever be!


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