100 Happy Days Project Day 71: Choices, Chances, Changes


It takes perseverance to be able to get through every challenges and obstacles. I know it’s always easier said than done. Life is like a marathon. Not everybody will enjoy the run but you’ll get to reach the finishing line if you continue even at a very slow pace as long as you don’t stop.

I’ve been there in what I thought was the most difficult time in my life. What happened in the past defined me and my whole perception about life but still I’ve no capacity to understand people and their behaviour. Whatever that drives people to do the things they do, whether it’s for the right reason or not, let that be between them and Allah swt. Indeed, He is the One who is the Most Knowing. In fact, there are lots of things for me to learn. Therefore, I chose to let go and make peace with the past.

Today, I’m still me, the old me. I’ve always wanted to be a better person, without changing who I am. May Allah swt makes it easy for me. I’m truly blessed to have many wonderful people that stick with me through thick and thin, who gave me lot of good advices and love me as much as I always love’em. They are my real treasures – My family, my friends.
Time heals, oh that’s sooo true. Through the healing process, so many good things happened and I found miracles too!
Now, I’m much happier than I ever was and this happy project I’m working on helped a lot too :)

For 29 years I’ve been given the chance to live and today I choose to live a good life, to focus on doing the right things, to repent, to love, to laugh, to smile, to fight and to be the changes I wish to see :)

My dear readers, if you find yourself lost in the middle of this life, be patient and have the courage to move on. Follow these 7 logics and I hope you’ll be able to see the changes :)


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