100 Happy Days Project Day 65: To Find What’s Beautiful


“Time teaches us that to find what’s beautiful is to enter a world of our own—the one we create with our heart, songs and stories, the moments of realization that the present is much too sweet for us to want to be anywhere else”.

Read the full article here :)


Thinking back on the time that had passed, I am what I am because of all the lessons I’ve learnt throughout this life and from all the different people I’ve known. I’m not perfect and neither is my life. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve made wrong choices and things don’t always go my way but I’ve learnt so much from it. When I didn’t get what I want, God always gave me something that is much better in return and the ultimate gift is when I’m able to open up my heart to accept everything that God has planned for me and to be in that moment of realization that no matter how bad it may seem, life is still beautiful nonetheless.

If things get rough, be patient and believe that there’s always a way out. Truth be told, it always has to start with you – to have that courage to turn every bad situation into a good one. If people wrong you for whatever reasons, have the courage to forgive and let go. They aren’t perfect, so do you. In the end, you still have so much things to think about rather than dwelling with people’s mistakes.

Today, I’m happy simply because I’m at peace with myself, living my life in all honesty for as long as I shall breathe. I don’t know what does the future hold for me but I hope I will always have the courage to do the right things, to speak the truth, to love, to give and keep going :)


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