100 Happy Days Project Day 61: Keep Calm and Love Your Skin


While I must consider myself lucky for not having a sensitive or acne prone skin, I must also say that, of all the skincare products I’ve used, I’m happy that Kiehl’s really works wonders on my skin and absolutely satisfied with the result as I’ve always been very sceptical on the effectiveness of all those skincare products which in most cases, contradicted with their claims.

Like everyone else, my beauty rituals consists of all the basic steps from cleanser to toner, serum, moisturizer and most importantly SPF 50 sunblock. I wanted to try Kiehl’s sunblock but I chose to stick to Neutrogena for its lightweight, dry touch formula and fresh feeling which is really suitable on my skin. In fact, I’ve been using Neutrogena’s range for many years and it’s undeniably one of my favourite brands.

If money is your concern, Kiehl’s might perhaps be a little bit expensive. I’ve spent almost MYR 1,000 on Kiehl’s range alone but since it’s been really satisfying up to this date, it’s worth the money.

To summarize, these are the best skincare products I’ve used so far that worked well on me. Of course the result may vary depending on your skin type. Mine is normal to oily (the common type).

1. Kiehl’s
2. Dermedex Biotox
Refining (I find it very effective in refining the pores)
3. Neutrogena (the cheapest among these four)
4. Shiseido Ibuki Range (really love the smell).

But mind you, as much as it’s important to follow those usual beauty routines, it’s also important to have a balanced nutrients in your diet.

It’s every woman’s dream to have a beautiful glowing skin, right? :)



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