100 Happy Days Project Day 58: Towards A Happier You


Well, I think I have to agree on this. Sometimes people are beautiful not because of how they look, what they wear or anything. It’s much simpler than that. When someone is truly happy, you can somehow see that glow on his/her face that shines from the inside – the inner soul. Yes, the definition of happiness may vary and you could be happy for thousands of different reasons. But the ultimate happiness is when you’re at peace with yourself, accepting what you’re not and thus be able to love yourself even when nobody else does, so you’re no longer complaining over things that you think are unsatisfiable to you, things that you can’t change and things that aren’t yours. And in order to be truly happy, let’s not forget that it’s equally important to always be true to yourself and be sincere in living your life.

Having said that, I really hope that we will all find our own true happiness in each day that we live and have the courage to look at things from the bright side.

May happiness always be yours !


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