100 Happy Days Project Day 57: If You Believe

Remember yesterday when you were so sad
You cried and you were mad thinking how things can be so bad
Wishing you could go back
To the days when everything was easy
Thinking you’d be happier with just that
Little did you know what you have now is just perfect
For yesterday’s gone and you only have today
So smile the way you used to smile
Laugh the way you used to laugh
Shed the tears away
For you can never bring back yesterday
The best is yet to come
If only you believe


I’ve always believed that whatever hardships we faced in life are indeed the best things that could ever happen, a reminder for us to learn, to repent and not to repeat the same mistakes we did yesterday. There’ll always, always, always be a light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to keep going :)

Now with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen, (for real!), I can’t help but smile. In fact, I’m so blessed that so many good things happened when I least expected it.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for this life you gave me.


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