100 Happy Days Project Day 47: Happiness From Another Perspective


So, what this has got to do with my happy project? Of course, I’m happy to think that if it is through sincerity, that I’ll be potentially capable of reaching out to those people out there, I’ll continue to put my heart into this, as long as I can inspire and motivate them in any way possible.

While my happy project is not aimed to ridiculousy show how ‘happy’ I am to anybody, it helps me to always remember to appreciate every little thing in life which we often neglect, to reflect every occasion, good or bad and thus, bring about the positive and happy aura in me.

So, if by all means my happy project brings goodness and positivity to anyone who reads, I’ll be more than a happy person – I guess it’s another by-product of my sincerity :)

“Surround yourself with good people. Whether they’re the best or not, people are capable of learning if they’ve got good hearts and good souls.”


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