100 Happy Days Project Day 26: On Trust


5th July 2014

There comes a time when we must listen to none other than our own heart and trust every decision we have to make in life. Either way, we’ll never know what’s waiting ahead of us. As long as we’re certain with what we’re doing and we have good, valid reason for that, In sha Allah we’ll find our way.

This photo was taken while I was wandering around the Hyde Park in the hot sunny day, finding my way to the Buckingham Palace as I decided not to take the public transportation. ‘Twas quite a long walk but I’m lovin every bit of it. Somewhere along the way, I met an old sailorman from Norway who’ve just retired. He had been travelling around the world but now he said it’s time to bring his wife together. Aww, how sweet :)

Hyde Park,


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