100 Happy Days Project Day 5: The Lady


I met with a nice lady while waiting at the carwash this evening. She didn’t seem to be that friendly type of person from the first look but my perception changed soon as she sat next to me and started a light conversation, asking where I live, my age and if I’m married. Having heard about my status, she said with her soft voice: “Akak yakin ada jodoh tak lama lagi. Mesti ada.” (You’ll meet someone soon, trust me you will). We smiled at each other before we parted.

While driving back, I think about these things:
1) Perceptions could be wrong, so don’t assume. Truth is, I was ashamed that I’ve made a wrong assumption about that lady who turned out to be not as what I expected
2) Be nice to people. Perhaps the very least we can do is smile.
3) There’s always gotta be a reason for every person we meet.

It was just a brief moment but I’m blessed that my day today ended with meeting this warm person. So I went back with smile on my face :)

P/s: Setiap kata-kata adalah satu doa. In Sha Allah :)


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