100 Happy Days Project :)


My friend and I came out with this brilliant idea that we capture every happy moment in our everyday lives for 100 days without fail! I repeat… 100 days! And it could be just about anything: food we love, people we meet, things that cheer us up…whatever that makes us happy :)

I know it may not be easy to be happy and stay positive all the time especially when you know that some days are just gonna be plain boring with all those daily routines, when some days the atmosphere is filled with negative people and when there are times you just feel like whining about everything: how unhappy you are with your job, your life, your body, financial etc but knowing that you actually have the power to control your mind, the whole thing can change.


So, this is how we’re gonna challenge ourselves, by learning to count our blessings in each day that we live, appreciating those little things in life and capture them all! The key of course is to be truly happy with it :)

Can we do it? Yes we can!:)

Now I am happy to announce that our 100 Days Happy Project starts today ! And we’ll definitely be smiling over those moments we’re about to capture :))

Note: Daily photos that will be featured on my blog can also be found on my instagram account: kay_yusof



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