MH 370: A Tragic End


A tragic end for flight MH 370 and its entire crews and passengers when the official statement from the authority confirms that the plane may have crashed into the southern area of the Indian ocean. What causes the pilot to make an air turn back and ended up at the Indian ocean remains unknown until they manage to find the black box. But there’s no doubt in my heart that the pilot had done the best he could to save everyone on board :(

Let us pray that the search team will finally be able to find the wreckage so that at least it will give a real closure to the grieving families.


For the past 67 years, Malaysia Airlines had given the best services as our flag carrier. It is so unfortunate that they have to bear this while they’re also struggling with a prolonged financial problem. But no matter what its future may be, to me, MAS will always be a Malaysian’s proud.

My heartfelt condolences to the affected families. God will help you to go through the pain, In Sha Allah.



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