Oh, Where Can My Baby Be?

I lost my phone couple of days ago. I’m so convinced that I had put it safely in my bag while doing some grocery shopping but it was an hour and a half later that I realized it wasn’t in my bag! I searched frantically in the store, got home and then came back to the store for like…three times, hoping and praying that someone has returned it to the service counter but no, it didn’t happen.

I came up with two hypothesis 1) it accidentally fell out of the bag because I didn’t properly put it in 2) it was stolen because my bag was unzipped.

While I must take the blame for being so careless, I repeatedly asked myself a question which I have no answer to, that if someone had found it, how could they  have the heart to take it? And now that I’ve lost it together with all files which were not backed up, there is absolutely nothing I can do to get it back except to buy a new one 😒

Yeah, things happen. *sigh*






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