It’s Our Anniversary!


Got up this morning with this anniversary notification from WP! Oohhhh..think I should go on and celebrate ;) Err..Okay, maybe one big hand is enough.

Well actually, had they not given me that notification, I would hardly remember the day when I first registered this blog. 6 years ago I was 23 and I can’t even recall what my first post was about. There was no deliberation in my writing, as far as I’m concern. So, honestly there’s nothing to be proud of. Really.

Needless to say, this blog has grown over the years and I’m overwhelmed with the fact that it’s still pretty much ‘alive’. There’s nothing fancy about it, it doesn’t have to have so many followers and it doesn’t have to be  popular. This is just a place for me to pour my heart through my words and it’s always absolutely a great pleasure for me to share them with the readers.

To ‘The Way I Am’, Happy 6th Anniversary! To WP team, thank you so much for hosting such a great writing platform for me and all great writers out there. It is due to that, that some 6 years ago I decided to create this blog with WP and thus, will continue to do so till the very end.

Cheers! ^^



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