Should We Fear Change?

For some reason, I’m not so keen to write about politic though to me, it’s always an interesting topic to discuss and to learn about other political cultures.  I was browsing the news when I came across two links of which I think would be worth reading especially for those who are not really quite know about what’s happening in Ukraine. Though you may have heard about the updates in the local news hundreds of times, I think these might give some insights on the crisis.

Anyway, the situation reminds me of the time when I took part in demonstrations and campaigns held by the opposition party in my country. Of course, the impacts to the world weren’t as bad that it could bring upset to the market, economy (or things like that) as Malaysia is just a small Asian country but it had absolutely stirred an uproar in the nation.

It was in September 1998; a year the reformation movement was initiated when the former deputy prime minister was fired due to the economic policy differences with the then, prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad. I was still in school and perhaps was still too young to understand it all but it was so overwhelming to see thousands of people standing together, demanding for a change in the government.

The chronology of the historic events that brought about the drastic political movement at that time was such an enlightenment and it was through that experience that I came to a realization that, we were all had taken too much time to recognize that changes are indeed, inevitable for the country. The rise of the people came as shock to the government, who for all these while had been in a position too comfortable, to the extent that changes are seen more as a threat and thus, are not susceptible to change.

Things have been different ever since but altering the mind-set of the people especially in the rural area is one of the most challenging things faced by the opposition leaders, even until now – to convince them that we are not blindly against the government but are open to any ideas and changes that gives the most benefits to the people.

Anyway, here’s the links I talked about earlier on. It’s from the CNN and BBC. What more can I say than to hope that the crisis will end peacefully.

Bukan senang mahu jadi pemimpin.
Harta, kuasa dan kepimpinan itu sesungguhnya adalah suatu ujian bagi manusia yang diamanahkan untuk menguruskannya, bukannya hak milik mutlak. Semua ketidakadilan pasti akan dihitung di akhirat nanti. Wallahualam.


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