Would You Take on Your Best Friend’s Children If She Died

This story of an amazing woman who sacrifices her life for her best friend reminds me of my best friend of 13 years.

To be frank, I always wonder what would happen to us in the future, either we would part and go on our own way or stay close until the end. I understand that in one way or another, it’s just the matter of time that life will definitely have to change but the question is, will the friendship survives? Right now, while we both are still single, we can always make time, catching up on what’s happening in our lives, sharing problems and support each other even she’s working hundred miles away from the city but what would happen when both of us get married and then have children (In sha Allah) and before we knew it, the list of commitments goes on and on. When life gets too demanding, having to handle everything, all at once – the husband, the children, jobs, the in-laws etc, will the friendship remains as it is?

I’ve got no sibling after my sister passed away long time ago and it’s by fate that we became close and get along very well even until today. She’s the nicest person I’ve ever known and in fact, is more like a sister to me. She is someone whom I can trust, whom I can share my problem with, someone I can look up to.

If anyone asks me what makes friendship survives, I’d say it’s the understanding and sincerity. We don’t expect too much from this friendship but are always connected to each other. We were 16 years old when the friendship blossomed and there were absolutely no such things like jealousy, hurting each other unnecessarily, backstabbing or things like that (well, you know girls or even the adults for some reasons, can be so mean).

We went to different university after high school and in that 4 year period or so, we didn’t see each other that much. Even now we are still miles apart. She makes new good friends along the way and so do I. Yet, our friendship remains like nothing has ever changed at all. It’s like we both knew that even though we’re not physically there with each other, best friend will never leave. And she is still that same person I know from 13 years back.

To my best friend, you know who you are. It’s such a blessing to have known you. Many things happened in our lives as we grow up, some of which are life-changing and are eye-opener to what life really is but I always pray the best for you and that happiness will always be yours under the blessing of Allah swt.

For Jane, you’re truly an incredible person. I believe everything will turn out well for someone as kind as you, no doubt about that :)

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Jane did – and though it’s torn her life in two, she insists: I don’t regret a moment

          By Jane Plume

Sometimes the most profound moments happen in the most mundane circumstances. Two years ago, I was having a cup of tea with my late best friend’s husband when four small words, uttered by me, made the biggest impact on my life I could ever imagine.

With those words, I made an irreversible decision that changed the course of not only my life, but those of everyone I hold dear. It would split my family in two, force me to give up my job and leave my days gnawed by guilt – but at the same time fill them with love.

The words were: ‘Of course I will,’ spoken in response to Shaun, husband of my best friend Gina, who’d been killed in a car crash two years earlier…

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