A Love – Hate Relationship (..With Myself)

Dear Me,

There are times when I really hate myself for everything. I hate to think that I’ve wasted my years for nothing. I hate the fact that there’s nothing about me and my accomplishments to be proud of. I feel sorry for myself when I actually don’t really know what I’m doing with my life. And I hate to think that there’s not a single major thing has changed in my life so far and how unproductive my life had been, even after several wake up calls.

We often relate job to passion but if I want to talk about passion now, I no longer know what’s mine. In fact, I might have to dig its ground definition from that old dictionary of mine before I can figure out once again what my passion really is.

Even if I have that crystal ball in front of me, I wouldn’t take a glance at how my future would be cause it may be hurtful and…ugly.

I’m my own worst enemy and now, I just hate myself.

Dear Me,

I’m sorry. I may lose myself sometimes but I promise tomorrow will be better. Stick with me, will ya?


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