Penang With Love

Personally, Penang Island is one of my favourite states in the country. I used to stay there while my father was pursuing his master’s degree at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia Science University) in 1996. Having to move from one state to another because of my father’s job commitment at that time wasn’t something that I like as I had to get myself used to the new environment again and again and I just hate being the new kid in school.

But I’d say that moving to Penang was an exceptional experience. I fell in love with the place the minute I got there. Two things I like the most during my one year stay 1) the fact that life was very very simple and 2) that the people were nice and friendly, making it feels like home.

But things have certainly changed now – 360 degree.  I came back to the island after so many years, almost couldn’t recognize the place and despite the hustles stemmed from the progressive developments, my love for Penang remains the same.

Sharing some of the photos I’ve taken during my recent trip :)

DSC_0090_2_2_1[1]Straits Heritage along the Armenian Street

DSC_0119_1[1]An old shop at the Armenian Street

DSC_0115_2[1]Kapitan Keling Mosque – The oldest mosque in Georgetown built in 1801

DSC_0111_1[1]Well, I have to be fair with my review. The Nasi Kandar is quite tasteless to me. Should’ve tried the Nasi Kandar Line Clear instead.

DSC_0122_1[1]The “Beca”

Penang, till we meet again :)


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