On Death : Nothing Lasts Forever

I visited my aunt in hospital the other day. In front of her hospital bed, there is a woman, I believe in her late 20s, highly dependent on the oxygen support while being fed by the nurse with a milk-like thick solvent through a tube. I knew right then, that she’s seriously ill and it was unbearable to see her not moving, almost lifeless with eyes wide opened. For some reasons, I was nervous and shaken to the core.

The moment paused for a while when I saw the patient’s profile on the table near to where I was standing. She’s diagnosed with ‘end stage renal failure’. I wish I had read it wrong but yes, it’s END STAGE RENAL FAILURE.  I could do nothing but be optimistic and pray the best for her, though it’s clear enough to see how bad her condition is.

For the rest of the day, my mind was practically occupied with the thought of that young lady, hoping that she’’s going to make it. Somehow, she reminds me of my very good friend, who died from the internal organs failure some years ago and I could not help but recall the day I visited him in the hospital when he was already in comma.  It was a really sad moment,  not knowing if he could hear me or not as I gently spoke to him. But Allah loves him more and now he’s gone.

Thinking back on our lives, no one knows when we’re going to die. Today, you seem so fit and healthy, but who knows the next day you’re gone. We are busy chasing for the worldly matters, not realizing that we don’t actually have much time left in this world. As we are often reminded, appreciate everything and everyone in our lives and show them just how much you care. Who knows, we will no longer have tomorrow.


End stage renal failure/disease (ESRD) is a complete or almost complete failure of the kidneys’ function. The only treatment for this condition is dialysis or kidney transplant (plus specific medicine to control the blood pressure) but both options have possible risks of serious complications. Treatment of chronic kidney disease may delay or prevent progression to ESRD. Some cases may not be preventable.

Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarham Yahafizi.



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