Fried Rabbit? Better Think Again

I read an article from a local online newspaper which says that, as according to a report from San Francisco-based, Andrew Freeman & Co., the foods anticipated to get buzz this year will include pizzaritos (pizza slices rolled up like burrito), marine vegetables like sea beans, fried rabbit and tongue.

Ok, wait a minute. FRIED RABBIT?!?! and TONGUE?!?!

While I can understand that eating rabbit meat is acceptable to some people but still, the “Fried Rabbit” doesn’t sound tempting to me. Some years ago (in the 90’s),  we used to have “satay arnab” (or rabbit satay) in my country but I think it wasn’t so popular that I believe, there is not so much demand anymore in the market today (thank God!). I’m not sure on what basis did the researcher thinks that fried rabbit will become one of the most anticipated choice of foods for this year, but whatever it is, I hope he is damn wrong, otherwise  there might be something wrong with human’s tastebuds. (Just my personal view).

Now, what about the tongue? Whose tongue is he referring to? I laughed when I read it and at the same time, I can’t help myself from imagining a cannibal eating a human’s tongue (although I must say that the “sup lidah” or the “tongue soup” made from cow’s is not new in my country).

And below is the rest of the list he made:

  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Pizzaritos
  • Sea beans
  • Teatails
  • Biscuit

Well, we’ll see if any of these is going to be a popular choice among food lovers this year.


Aww, don’t you think she’s too cute?


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