That One Fateful Meeting

I went to see a doctor yesterday morning as I was having a real bad headache.  The doctor, who had worked in the clinic for many many years is a very warm and friendly old man.

It was a fateful meeting with the doctor and I had a nice, long conversation with him. After I finished telling him what I think was wrong with me, he went silent, while looking straight into my eyes. It was an awkward moment and I didn’t know what more to say. So, I just waited until he, like a ‘guru’ gently threw me these few lines: “You’re still young and still have many more years to live (if God permits). You should  live a healthy life. What have you done with your life, my dear?”  I was in astonishment, so nothing could came out of my mouth though I know the answer very well.

It turns out that he is also a psychotherapist.  So I guess he was doing some analyzing during that few seconds’ awkward silence.

From then on, the conversation went a bit deeper. I told him about my worries.  At some points, I had to hold back my tears as I was reminded of how miserable I had felt all these while for all those critical points in my life (that has somehow brought me here).

Upon hearing my stories, he shared with me some advises based on his 65 years of life experiences. I even laughed wholeheartedly at his jokes about men, marriage and other things. He advised me not to rush in marriage as it is explicable that finding a real good man today has become a tough quest. He gave advice about trust, that I should never solely put my trust in anyone else but instead in my very own heart and to never doubt my intuitions. He told me to believe in myself and in everything that I do but it is equally important to do things that I truly love because the key is to be happy with what I’m doing.

Being a woman, he said, one must be brave, independent and strong and that I must stand on my own two feet and shouldn’t let myself being oppressed, discriminated and controlled by anyone else.  Above all, he advised me to take a very good care of myself, for health is as important as anything else in this world. He even recommends that I make a new resolution for this New Year – To be healthy and to live happily. I smiled at his idea.

I thanked the doctor for all his advises before I leave.  As I walked out of the door, absorbing his words, I realized that I never had any New Year resolutions. I always believed that you don’t have to wait until tomorrow for a change, or you don’t have to wait until tomorrow to do the things that you can do now. But still I know it’s not a bad idea at all to have a New Year resolution. It’s just a matter of discipline and determination, whether you’re going to make it happen or not. So this time around, I’m gonna set my resolution: to live my life healthily and happily, In Sha Allah. May Allah make it easy for me.

Happy New Year everyone and have a wonderful and joyous year ahead!




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