Bring Back The Passion In Me!

I think strong laziness has completely taken over me. I am working very hard to finish reading just ONE book for the year and found myself stuck at the same page, and it’s not even half of it, can you imagine that?!

If it’s not laziness, then what is it? I feel bad about myself, I do :| The book is profoundly written by one of the world’s famous authors; nothing can possibly go wrong, right? And I genuinely think that the story is just fine. Obviously, it’s just me, having a really hard time to finish, until it’s no longer enjoyable to read when you feel like you’re being forced to. And the horrible part is that, the book has been there, lying next to my pillow all the time (poor you). Think I might as well just leave it there and wait until I really really really HAVE the MOOD to read. (Excuse me, what?! Did I say ‘wait’ just now? My goodness, it’s definitely gonna take you another year, if you just wait, Kay :|) I have to do something! Well, maybe I should read from the very beginning, to get the feel once again or…just put it back on its shelf!

Speaking about books, I remember my mom used to buy me a lot of them when I was a kid. Enid Blyton has always been my favourite author. Perhaps, the main reason is that, the first book my mom gave me was the one written by the talented Mrs. Blyton and I fell in love with it right away, especially on her collections of short stories, the much-loved The Famous Five and St. Claire! Ah, I miss all those characters: George (or her real name Georgina- yes, I love her so much!), her Uncle Quentin, her dog, Timmy and the twins at the St. Claire whom I always imagined as adorable and pretty and cool!.

Those are the books I grew up with (just to name a few) and they are still sitting safely on the shelves in my mini library. Think I should read them all over again one day, to bring back the energies and the old feelings I once had.


Well, what are your favourite books from your childhood? :)


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