High Above The Sky

It’s a blissful Friday morning. The sky is so blue and calming; white clouds are looking just like the cotton candy. When I was just a kid, I had always imagined so many things, enthused by the formation of the clouds. You too, probably have experienced the same thing like mine.

If you watch really carefully, you could see the clouds drifting endlessly. The shape of a tree just now has then, reformed into another resemblance and it goes on and on, until your imaginations become somewhat absurd. The next thing, you were thinking that, the clouds are so high above, you wish you could touch them and feel them.

Again, when I was a kid, I’ve been told that the clouds that I see every day are not like what I think, they are not like cotton,being rolled into a big ball but still, that didn’t stop me from imagining.

The movement of the clouds nonetheless, reminds me of one thing: That the world and time don’t stop for anybody. Life is never perfect but it is also too beautiful to be wasted by constant grief and frustration.

We were problem-free, as a kid but that’s definitely not the case, growing up. I guess it’s just a fact that we can’t escape.  And I have forgotten to remind myself that time is too precious and how easy I’ve let it slipped away, not realizing that the earth never stops from spinning on its axis – not a single second it had missed.

Looking at the clear blue sky, my mind wanders on all the dreams that I have. At times, especially on those difficult days, it seems like all the dreams are impossible but then again, I know it is all depend on us.  It’s never wrong to dream, but it’s all up to you on how to make your dreams possible. Again, just remember, that time never waits, neither will it stop.

And still, the clouds will go on drifting endlessly, that you may not get to see the same shape again.


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