Langkawi : A Weekend Getaway

Went for a short holiday to Langkawi Island last Saturday with my bestie. Thanks to Airasia’s promotion, the flight ticket for that particular date was free. I only needed to pay the 2-night accommodation at RM185/pax – the cheapest among all other resorts and hotels options set by Airasia.

This is the place where I stayed – Kampung Tok Senik Resort,  in the village area in Ulu Melaka.  Not that remote but still quite far off from the town and the tourists centre, Cenang Beach. A nice traditional concept of Malay kampung houses.


What I like about this place is its quietness, the fresh breeze with the smell of dried leaves scattered all around, and most of all, the scent of the wooden house – something that I haven’t felt for a long time.





It was almost dark when we arrived.  The insufficient lights along the road makes it inconvenient, dangerous and…very creepy. I heard ‘something’ from my room, twice on the first night but neither of us said anything, until the next day when we both (especially her) were comfortable to talk about it.  Whatever it is, I presumed that the sound was just some kind of greeting from our little ‘friend’.

Look what I found! (Yes, I’m a cat lover!)


Had my dinner at a place called the Artisan Pizza, at Cenang Beach which also has few other branches at Kuah Town, before spending the rest of the night walking around Cenang. By the way, the pizza tastes really good.

Camera 360

2nd day activity: Island Hopping & Eagle Feeding.

This is the top view of Lake of the Pregnant Maiden.


Camera 360

And the Wet Sandy Beach..



Weather was extremely nice, that the sun was too hot to dip myself in the water. (Yeah, I love my skin too much, I couldn’t afford to allow it to get burned).

Without wasting more time, I headed straight for a one-hour relaxing body massage at the Sun Spa, owned by a Japanese woman who I believe has lived here for quite some time, judging from her Malay accent.



Wonderful sunset viewing and dinner by the beach at the Brasserie Restaurant & Bar. Both the food and the ambiance were marvellous, with friendly staffs too.




On the last day,  I went exploring beautiful beaches in Langkawi before catching my flight back to the city.

The view from The Andaman Resort.


And below is the view from the private island at The Datai Resort, meant only for its residence. Both secluded at 15km from Padang Mat Sirat. Yeah, it’s a private place. So, basically me n my friend were the illegal tourists who managed to break in.



Well, it was just a simple weekend getaway just to have a break from the hectic life in the city. How I wish it would never have to end but now, I’m back in Kuala Lumpur, resuming my normal routines and my life as it is.

Apa khabar, Kuala Lumpur? :)


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