Sometimes All You Need To Do Is To Hear The Silence

I heard voices calling. “Follow me, hurry up.. This way…”

I ran as fast as I could, to a place I’ve never been.

“Now stop right there and don’t look back. Just close your eyes,” softly it said.

I waited for the next command but silence was all I hear and I was left there alone. Thoughts and fears flooded in my head. Dark images came haunting me, one by one.

“Where are you little voices? Why did you bring me here? What must I do now?” There was no answer to my simple questions.

I stood there, waiting in that moment of silence. While my eyes still closed, I could feel the wind sweeping over my skin. I took a deep breath, tried to feel the moment. My whole body felt as light as a feather that freely floats in the air.

After a while, I opened my eyes, realized that I was standing face to face with the world now, feeling stronger than ever. Those dark images, thoughts and fears vanished without a trace. When I looked up at the sky, beautiful paintings were the only things I saw, and the silence was finally broken – by the chirping of the birds.


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