A Hope For A Sweet November

It’s November now. The weather has been seasonably cold here where it rains almost every day. I am just about to occupy myself with outdoor activities – tennis in particular but apparently the timing is not right. I woke up early this morning to hit the ball with a friend, only to find that the courts were all wet and it was still raining lightly.

I remember those days when I was actively involved in this sport during my campus life that I could forget all my troubles and worries every time I hold the racket. It’s like, nothing else matters anymore and the focus was only on hitting the ball. And that was like, 3 years back?  Ah, how I miss my game.

In two months’ time, it’s going to be an end to 2013. There’s not much events coming up till the end of this year’s calendar except for a very short vacation in the country with a friend, this month.

Come to think again, time goes by real fast and it feels like only yesterday when I decided to open up my heart for someone and to love again. It feels like only yesterday when we celebrated the New Year’s Eve together (which I would never have thought), hoping that this year will be better. It all went so soon.

Anyway, I guess it’s still early to say about next year. After all, what is there to talk about? Hopes? Plans? Targets? Whatever it is, still, it will be just another year.

Maybe for now, let us just hope for a sweet November.


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