And I Call It My Journey

When you really love someone, you will treasure every moment between you and that person. Every little thing, even the smallest details that have to do with the person you love are so meaningful and will stay in your  heart, even when that person has gone, even when what is left is just the memories.

When you have reached the point where you are able to accept things and tragedies that happened, you’ll find yourself smiling at all those memories and know deep in your heart that those are the events that have now become part of your life’s beautiful journey. (Yes, even that painful memories could turn to a beautiful one if you don’t hold hatred in your heart , if you forgive and if you really let it all go. It’s not easy, I know).

For a woman, loving someone means giving and she’d give all of her heart for the man she loves. Because God has created women with a heart that is so tender, when her heart gets terribly broken, the wound is so deep that it takes time to really heal.  And the journey to healing requires strength that sometimes, she herself could never imagine having.

This flask, with its own sweet values, had been on my work table for almost six months now, unmoved. And today, as if a voice had whispered to me, telling me to use it.   So, I did though I couldn’t help myself from recollecting the event that relates to the person who once meant so much. At the same time, Ifound myself smiled.

Whatever it is, may his life will always be filled with happiness, surrounded with people he loves and be blessed by Allah swt.




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