Why We Choose To Do What We Do

In life, we are driven by different motivations and goals. As we grow up, there’ll be a lot more responsibilities that we must carry and eventually it will come to a point where decision-making is crucial. Our motivations and goals will help us to keep on track and surely, along the way, there will be a number of reasons as to why we choose to do what we do. No doubt, some of us might falter and end up making the wrong decision or decision that might be right for that person who’s making it but at the expense of someone else’s feeling.  But no matter what, we always have a choice. Always.
Yesterday, you were so stressed about your life. You’re not happy with it. You started to compare yourself with others. But eventually, today you wake up to face another day. Do you have the choice to change whatever feelings you had yesterday? Do you have the choice to decide what you’re going to do about your life today? Do you have the choice to change who you were yesterday? Yes, yes and yes. The choices are always there and always yours.
You always have the choice to do good to others even though you don’t even know them or you can choose to be insensible towards the people and anything that happen around you.  It’s not wrong but it’s your choice. You always have a choice to forgive and still do good to the people who have mistreated you but you can also choose to revenge or do whatever you think will satisfy you (but surely Allah does not like it if you opt for the latter). You always have a choice to give some of your food to that hungry, dirty stray cat at the mamak stall or just mercilessly shooed her away. You always have a choice whether to tell people the truth even though it might hurt or you can choose to lie for as long as you want to.
There can be thousands of situations that demand you to choose and decide. Why you choose to do what you do, it’s a question that only you know the answer. But it’s important to always get back to your goals/motivation because I think that will define what you actually want from this life. And of course, we must always remember that everything starts from the intention of the heart. If the intention is good, then you can expect something good in return. In sha Allah.



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