Dreams and Fate

Few nights before, I had dreamed of the same thing – meeting his mother.
Indeed, Allah is Powerful and He is the All-Knowing. Last two days, I saw her during an Islamic talk held at my office building. Subhanallah. It was almost like a dream come true; in a different way, though. I felt ‘something’ but I didnt know what it was, until the moment I saw her. The first time I could clearly see her face.
I cannot put into words, the feelings I had. Allah knows how I wish I was able to greet her and smile at her. Above all, how I wish she knew who I am. A girl who loved her son so dearly. A girl who is so grateful that she has brought into this world, a person I am fated to know.

Ya Allah, Damaikan hati ini dalam menerima ketentuanMu. Engkau berilah kebahagiaan dan kesejahteraan hidup yang berkekalan kepada insan yang aku kasihi sehingga ke akhir hayatnya. Engkau permudahkanlah segala urusannya, berkatilah hari-hari yang dilaluinya dan Engkau lindungilah hatinya agar sentiasa berada di jalanMu. Dan Engkau ampunkanlah perbuatannya kerana aku telah pun memafkannya, Ya Allah.
Amin Ya Rabbal ‘ Al- amin..


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