A Little Prayer For Someone I Know

My previous post where I’ve talked a little bit about my health actually reminded me of someone who, at the time when my condition was not so good, advised me to try on this one health product called ‘Air Anugerah’. She said that it may help (though I still havent tried it) and advised me to take care of myself. It had been such a long time since we last contacted each other, so I was surprised. We are not that close and I just happened to know her for a short while before she left the company where I’m working now.
Orangnya kecil saja, manis dan lemah lembut.
I hope she’s living a good life with her husband and kids. I pray that hidupnya sentiasa bahagia walau di mana pun dia berada dan semoga kehidupannya sentiasa diberkati Allah swt.. Amin…


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