Lessons from Surah Ar-Rahman by Nouman Ali Khan : A reminder to myself

A summarization on NAK’s one and a half hour lecture  

In English translation, the word Ar-Rahman usually refers to ‘mercy’ which people will tend to relate to a condition where someone is being freed from punishment out of mercy. Or in Malay, we say “belas kasihan”. It however, does not completely define the word. Instead, in Arabic translation, it means a complete care and loving which derived from the word “Ar-Rahm (the stomach of the mother or “rahim”). Why? The moment when a woman knew she is becoming a mother, it becomes natural that she would do all that she can to protect the child in her stomach and the most that she could give is the love and care from the very beginning until the end. Similarly, Ar-Rahman refers to Allah’s compassion for His creatures with the eternal love and care.

Al-Quran is sent down as a proof of Allah’s love for His creatures. In surah Ar-Rahman, it tells us about 5 things:-

  1. The greatness of Al-Quran
  2. Creation of Allah
  3. Judgement Day
  4. Ashabul Yamin (the people who will receive their book of deeds with the right hands)
  5. People of Jannah

In short, we are granted with a lot of things by Allah swt because of His unconditional love and care,sometimes in the way that we could never imagine and whether we realize it or not, we actually are incapable to thank Him enough for all the blessings. Perhaps, one simplest example I can give is that how often we remember to thank Allah just by saying Alhamdulillah every time we woke up from sleep (for being given the chance to live one more day)?

There are many lessons in the Quran (not just in this surah), that we as Muslims should try to read and understand. (A reminder to myself as well).  Solutions to every problem in this world and how we should live our lives are in this book!  It’s a complete guidance. A miracle. Subhanallah. Read and understand the Quran and we will never be lost. In Sha Allah.



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