Lifeline to Sanity

My soul drifts aimlessly in times of hopelessness. It searches tirelessly for meaning and truth …Yet finds no direction.
My heart bleeds quietly in times of loneliness.It yearns to find warmth and happiness …Yet it somehow eludes me.
My eyes seek visions in times of want..They gaze endlessly through the blackness that envelops them …Yet they cannot see the light.
My ears listen earnestly in times of silence.They search for familiar sounds to comfort and console …Yet they cannot penetrate the darkness that surrounds me.
My arms reach out frantically in times of despair.They seek strength and compassion to enfold me …Yet they find nothing substantial to enwrap.
My mind cries out desperately in times of solitude.It poses intense questions that demand answers …Yet there are none to be found.

My hand reaches out earnestly in these times of confusion.It dials the number of a familiar and calming voice … And gratefully, my lifeline to sanity remains intact


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