The Reason Why

It’s true that everything happens for a reason. Allah planned this beautifully so that I wouldnt have to see the person who has hurt me so deeply.
Subhanallah. Maha Kuasa Allah yang menentukan segala-galanya.

I met with an accident yesterday morning as I was driving to work, just in front of the Damai LRT station. I think my car was speeding at 60-70kmh. Clearly, at that time my mind wasnt there. Lately I was feeling disturbed. That was when I realized there were two women crossing the road but they were already about to reach to the side and I accidentally hit them from the right, front side of my car.
I was shaking and kept on praying that the two women are safe. To my relief, indeed they were okay. Just few small wounds but still I took them to HKL for a thorough checkup and it took me nearly one day to settle everything. I didnt manage to go to work after that.

Ironically, for several times I had imagined myself being in a car accident since it seems that I always lose my focus while driving. Call me insane or whatever but Allah knows how hard it is for me to swallow all those painful details that keep coming into my head,¬† every day for the past three months which I know it’s not doing me any good.



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