Rafa : 1 Sept 2009 – 18 July 2013

That Thursday morning, as usual I went to the back of the house to feed Zara and Rafa before going to work. That was when I found out that my dear Rafa had died. Ya Allah, poor Rafa :( I’m not sure what is the cause but I believe that he has died overnight. It was raining that morning when I buried him at a small area at the side of the road.
Having to deal with the lost of my pets is somewhat indescribable, for they have been part of my family since the very first day I took them in.
Rafa was 4 years old when he died. I bought him at Carrefour supermarket, supaya Zara ada kawan. He had always been mischievous and very hard to catch, but had always been Zara’s bestest companion. They two, loved to cuddle each other. So sweet :’)
Now, Rafa has gone to  a better place.

Rest in peace my dear Rafa. You will always be in my heart. Always. :’)



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