Bercakap tentang tenis

Well, what have i missed here..

1. Andy Murray has beaten Federer for the no.3 spot in the ATP ranking. For me, this is another year of frustration on Fed’s performance. He’s losing his touch, that’s what i saw ever since he is no longer coaching with Tony Roche. Or is it the aging factor,maybe? No matter what the problem is, the question is,is this the sign of an end to Roger Federer’s era? Hope not.

2. Sharapova is now in number 2 spot?? Hmmph! So, dear Caroline, u better win at least 1 major title or else, people will always question you. And you might as well can start counting the days  to hand over your crown.  And  just what happen to Ana Ivanovic, Jelena & Clijster? (Notice that, i didnt mention the William Sisters. They’re not my favourite. As simple as that)

3. I miss playing tennis. I really do! It’s like missing one part of my life.  I’ve been thinking bout this for so long; I want, at least one of my children to play professional tennis  or maybe i should first, marry a tennis player! ;)


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