Weariness consumes me
Longing pursues me
Tremulous i fear
All i seek is near
Onwards with fear i go,
with fear i go

Sweet golden days are passing
Lost love everlasting
Wretched and torn apart
Bitter and broken of heart
Onwards with courage i go,
onwards i go

Spirit of life, live on, in me a friend
To guide me on, on to the end
Yet sure and slow
The years will pass, Adagio

Silently imploring
Hopelessly adoring
Yet my will is strong
Tho` fate decrees me wrong
Onwards with hope i go,
with hope i go

Greater griefs have found you
Now happiness surrounds you
I hold you here in my heart
Safe with me, never to part
Onwards forever i go, Adagio
Onwards i go


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