Nothing Much,Really

i have been away for so long. so busy to spend time on the net and the fact that i dont have internet access except when im at home. sounds like im living in the jungle,eh? anyway, things are not really good here. i should be doing my works right now but im not..oh,home feels like heaven, i dont have the heart to look at any of those unfinished works. 2 days from now,i’ll be back in uia and it sucks!

2 weeks ago, i went for a two and a half day trip to penang for my senior’s wedding.we nearly miss the flight,luckily the pilot was gentleman enough to patiently wait for us to get boarded;) it felt good to be away from KL for a while though we didnt really have time to go around the town. sadly,i lost my phone while i was at the kenduri. n i miss it so dearly   :(  maka,pulang lah saya dgn hati yg sedih.huhu. to whoever took my phone, i wish u bad luck and u’ll certainly be punished!just remember that.

i miss playing tennis too. .but i dont know why it’s so hard to push myself to the court. speaking bout tennis, federer is becoming a father.



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