too perfect for me?

dongwan,my current obsession!

the last time i felt like this was like yearrrsss ago and it was all because of david duchovny! yeah, fox mulder in the x-files series..hahah.i was in standard 5 then..and i kept that feeling,carefully sealed until i was 15yrs old! sad coz i had been wanting to see him, that i cried myself to sleep.agak slalu jgk la. huhu..mmg gile penangan si mulder nih..head over heels btul..pastu smp situ je la..couldnt do nothing but dreaming :( oh..and i made a scrapbook featuring him and dana scully.haha..

skrg, pas bertahun2 tak rase cmni(cewah)..ttibe da ter-fall ngn dongwan lak..



ni la manusia yg bertanggungjwb yg diperkatakan itu.kacak,bukan?hehe


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