And so he walked out..

Federer, the now world number 2 is down again after his match with Andy Murray..Perhaps,that’s what we say as people will not always be on top forever and it’s happening to Federer. As the year 2008 is coming to an end, the closing of his career this year is pretty bad. Losing the Wimbledon final and the desperation for Roland Garos and Olympic medal has says it all. Since i have been a really big fan of federer long before he was crowned the no.1, it’s sad to see him walking out of the court,losing..seriously. Probably, it’s ‘time’. But,wait..he’ll be back next year..not retiring yet..

Hm,he’s coming to M’sia again this 18Nov. Sadly, i wont be watching him this time due to financial problem.heh..Tade duit for the ticket :(  Arghhh! No words can describe how much i adore him..well, i mean..the way he plays, the aura he brings into the court and everything..

*sian:( *

Better luck next year..

oh i havent commented on my current favorite after miss jelena. she made it to the top!yeah:) Hope for more victiories to come.


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